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Which style of headphone is right for you? This decision depends a lot on where and how long you will be listening to your headphones as well as which devices you intend using them with. At PC Audio I can help you sort through all of the confusing numbers and specifications about headphones and let you get back to the pleasure of listening to your own private concert.

First, there are three main styles of headphones generally now available. On or over ear, in ear monitors (IEM), and earbud style headphones make up 99 percent of the headphone market.

When choosing headphones, comfort should be your first determining factor in your purchasing decision. If they aren't comfortable to wear you won't use them! Everyone's ears are very different both in how they perceive sound and in their physical shape. Because of this it is very important to find headphones which you can wear comfortably for hours.

PC Audio are proud to offer headphones from both Focal of France and DALI of Denmark. These two ranges of outstanding headphones offer both wired and wireless Bluetooth headphones options to satisfy the most discriminating music lover. Their headphones are designed for maximum comfort and durability with natural, transparent sound.

DALI (Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries) - Benefitting from decades of sound design...

With the DALI IO series Bluetooth headphones, you benefit from four decades of world-class Hi-Fi loudspeaker design. With the both the models IO-4 & IO-6, the goal was to create the most natural and authentic sound possible and to reproduce music exactly as the artist intended it. We believe they have succeeded.

FOCAL - Experience Excellence

Headphones from France with a sophisticated design! Focal headphones offer all the intimacy of a personal and passionate listening experience which will take you to the heart of the music. Boundaries fade away, opening up a world of new emotions.

These audiophile headphones feature elegant, high-quality materials, and comfort has been greatly enhanced thanks to the mechanical design which has been optimised to the smallest detail.

Get a taste of listening to your favourite music in total intimacy. No sooner was the Focal headphone range launched, than these high-end headphones were recognised as being among the best in the world.

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