Audioengine D1 Benchmark LA4 Line Amplifier Audioengine D2 Audioengine D3 is a USB powered 24-bit DAC. Benchmark HPA4 Silver Line Amplifier Benchmark DAC3 HGC, with a remote.

Preamplifiers & DACs

Fact: Great speakers and headphones still suffer from one major common problem — garbage in... garbage out syndrome.

The audio section of your computer was never designed with great sound quality in mind, just functionality. So how do you greatly improve the sound quality of the music residing on your PC or Mac computer? With the introduction of the USB (Universal Serial Bus) connection in 1996 a whole new world of outboard computer audio devices became possible. Now only recently has the awesome potential of this USB connection been realized for improving the sound from your desktop or laptop computer. The integration of your computer based music library and your home audio system has never been easier, better sounding, or affordable.

For PC audio, I have chosen some of the finest sounding and best value preamplifiers and USB DAC's (digital to analogue converters) available today. These units allow you to connect a USB cable from your computer to a DAC and then to a pair of powered or active speakers or to your existing audio system. The sound quality improvement this can make to the music stored on your computer is nothing short of astounding. Best of all they are easy to install and use and are available starting at prices well under $200. In addition, I also have several clever products designed specifically for various iDevices and other smartphones to help you extract the maximum sound potential from these units as well.

Other stuff...

At PC audio I also have phono cartridges and accessories, microphones, cables and accessories, as well as a vast array of speaker and TV wall mounts, audio/video furniture, and speaker stands available.

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