No-Nonsense Cables

Pangea Audio, Analysis Plus, Wireworld, QED Audiophile & Pro Audio Digiflex Ranges of Products

This really is my least favourite subject in the whole world of audio reproduction. There is an absurd amount of money spent by people on the cables in their audio systems. The performance claims and technical 'features' most of these cable makers tout as being beneficial to their products would easily be debunked by a high school physics class! To this end I have chosen to offer to my valued customers cables which will do two things: transmit a desired signal wherever it needs to go without introducing any audible distortions of its own and do it reliably. These two conditions can be met by many reasonably priced cables.

I am pleased to say that PC Audio represents the professional Digiflex cable line-up as well as the outstanding Pangea Audio, Analysis Plus, Wireworld and QED product lines.

Since 1985, the Digiflex name has been synonymous with quality and reliability. They offer premium grade assemblies for the ultimate in sound quality and durability in all types of listening environments. They are hand-built in Canada using Neutrik, Canare, and Digiflex components. They represent an investment in quality that will last a lifetime. Many of the world's biggest names in the entertainment and production industries turn to Digiflex for their cabling needs.

Pangea Audio is an American company famous for delivering high performance high-end audio products at sensible prices. I carry Pangea Audio’s complete cable product range including power, USB, HDMI, and Ethernet as well as digital and analogue audio cables and accessories. These cables and accessories offer the build quality and high-end appearance of much more expensive cables for a fraction of the price.

QED has an extensive range of high-quality products from entry level to high-end cables.

Founded in 1992 in Michigan, Analysis Plus is a scientific research and design company who create and manufacture products for serious audio enthusiasts who require the very best.

There is no need to wade into the unpleasant abyss of pseudoscience when choosing the best audio cables for your system. The cables that PC Audio offers utilize no 'snake oil' in their construction! Just good sound engineering principles combined with very high quality materials and construction to provide years of listening pleasure for a reasonable price. Please don't waste your hard earned money on 'exotic' cables which really only serve to drain your wallet and to help qualify the placebo effect. Get better quality source hardware, speakers, room treatments or more music instead.

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