Active Speakers

PSI Audio, KEF, PSB Speakers, Genelec Active Speakers as Well as Bluesound and Audioengine Powered Speakers

Much like headphones, the speakers you choose are the main determining factor in how your system is going to sound. At PC Audio I offer some of the best sounding and most practical speaker systems available. When you go into nearly all audio stores you will be shown what is technically called a passive speaker. You probably have many speakers designed this way. These represent an old fashioned and tired way of achieving sound in your home or office. There is a better way! An active or powered speaker system is a much better option when it comes to getting sound into your home or office. The advantages are so numerous and admittedly technical it's quite daunting for me to try to explain. So I will try to sum it up for you. Active speakers provide much better sound for less money than a passive speaker design can ever hope to offer. And as an added bonus they take up less space too.

I am proud to offer PSI Audio, KEF, and Genelec active speakers as well as Bluesound and Audioengine powered speakers to my clients. These brands represent some of the best active and powered speakers available. Despite their incredible performance capabilities these speakers still represent incredible value for money. Our high value speaker options start with the versatile Audioengine A2+ self-powered speakers. These are perfectly suited for your computer desktop or any smaller space in your home or office. The Audioengine A2+ is a great introduction to high-quality audio and the perfect upgrade for your computer or iPod. This is only the beginning of numerous models I have available for a convenient demonstration here or in your own surroundings. This really is the only true way you will know how any given product will perform using your existing equipment to play music, TV, and movie sound.

What is an Active Loudspeaker?

Active loudspeakers incorporate an electronic frequency dividing network (or crossover) that divides the frequencies and distributes them to internal power amplifier modules, each of which is connected directly to a loudspeaker driver. There are no passive crossover components between the amplifier module and the loudspeaker driver. In a passive loudspeaker the amplifiers are external to the loudspeaker and the crossover network is situated between the amplifiers and the drivers.

Advantages of active speakers:

In recording studios around the world the question of active vs. passive has been answered a long time ago. The use of active loudspeakers is almost universal because of their accuracy. Active loudspeakers much like live music generally sound articulate, dynamic, and effortless. Their freedom from the distortions we have all gotten used to in passive speaker designs really must be experienced to be believed.

Let me allow you to hear the active speaker advantage in your own home or office.

Come By for a Listen

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