Streaming Audio Players

Fact* : Music industry revenues for streaming music platforms have exploded from accounting for less than 5% just over ten years ago to more than 84% globally as of 2022 and are increasing every day.

*Source: Year-End 2022 RIAA Music Revenue Statistics

This dramatic increase in the use of streaming to satisfy our musical appetites is being fuelled by the popularity of streaming music services such as Spotify, TIDAL, Apple Music, Qobuz and many others. You now have the awesome potential to truly ‘let your music out’ of your streaming music player, smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer. Combine any of these elements with your carefully chosen music playback system and see how the integration of your preferred streaming service and your home audio system has never been easier, better sounding, or affordable.

For PC Audio, I have chosen some of the finest sounding, easiest to operate and best value streaming music players and streaming capable amplifiers, DAC's (digital to analogue converters), and powered/active speakers available today.

In addition to the sound quality on offer, one of the most important things to consider for enjoying your music streaming experience is the ease of use and reliability of the user interface. If it isn’t easy to use or reliable every time you want to listen to music, it won’t bring you all the enjoyment and freedom of musical choice that streaming offers. At PC Audio, we evaluate all these factors before recommending a streaming solution that’s right for both your music listening desires and budget.

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