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Now Available from PC Audio!

I am very pleased to announce that PC Audio is now a dealer for the outstanding Primacoustic range of acoustic room treatments and materials. Primacoustic have over 30 years of experience in studio and live sound as well as over 15 years in acoustics offering a vast range of products and solutions for any space or budget. The great news is that their solutions are also very reasonably priced.

The problem with your listening room:

Never has there been more interest in the area of high fidelity audio. Turntables and LPs have become cool again (weren’t they always?!) and audiophiles are spending more on their 2-channel audio setups than ever before. But no matter how much you spend on speakers, a new stylus or cartridge, cables, preamp, amplifier, or digital to analogue converter your improvement will only be incremental until you have addressed the room acoustics. Many dedicated listening rooms are spare bedrooms or converted basements with hard drywall walls that echo energy back into the room in the form of powerful first-order reflections and secondary ones known as flutter echo. These reflections can blur or muddy the musical information making it more difficult to hear the recording as it was mixed or identify individual instruments. Excessive bass creates room modes whereby certain frequencies will collide ‘in phase’ to create bumps or ‘if out of phase’, cancel each other out to create frequency dips. This causes the sound to change depending on where you are sitting in the room.

Shown above, bottom of the left column, is the very reasonably priced (Under $700) London 10 Room Kit which is an ideal starting point to treat your room (London 8, 12, and 16 kits are also available). After treatment your room is now not negatively influencing and distorting the sound of all that great sounding HiFi gear you have so painstakingly assembled. Have a quick look at this short video below showing a before and after of an untreated versus a treated room. Hear the audio equipment you have paid for rather than your system plus all of the room’s contributing nonlinear distortions.

With Primacoustic room treatments you are not just restricted to full room kits either. As with most things, your solution can be modest, advanced or over the top depending on your listening space and budget. You can then add even more control by incorporating two or more MaxTrap™ bass traps in the corners or by adding Cumulus™ tri-corner traps up high, out of the way. Bass traps attenuate low frequencies which in turn reduce the audible effect of room modes.

For the ultimate listening space, you can also add diffusion behind the listening area to add a greater sense of space to your room. The Primacoustic Razorblade™ is a true quadratic residue diffuser with 17 narrow slots that will effectively diffuse directional energy above 200Hz. For the most discerning audiophile, the ultimate goal is to create a listening space that is neutral yet not overly dry so as to retain the excitement in the room.

Come By for a Listen

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