Announcing New Benchmark Models!

Benchmark Media Systems do not create new models very often but when they do it’s usually something very innovative and special. I am very pleased to announce the following new models from Benchmark Media Systems. Proudly designed and manufactured in Syracuse, NY, USA.

Please give me a call at 519.434.3290 or drop me a line at for pricing on any of these outstanding new models now available from Benchmark Media Systems and PC Audio.

Benchmark HPA4 Headphone / Line Amplifier & LA4 Line Amplifier

Benchmark Line Amplifier Defines The Current State of the Art

The Ultimate Line Amplifiers

The LA4 and HPA4 are the ultimate line amplifiers for both domestic and professional applications. They feature both balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs. They include fully-balanced high-precision 256-step relay controlled gain stages. The gain range is -112 dB to +15 dB in 0.5 dB steps. The relay closures are precisely timed to provide silky-smooth volume changes. They also include relays for mute, balance, input selection, and -20 dB dim.

The HPA4 includes the revolutionary THX-888 headphone amplifier. The LA4 does not offer headphone connections but is otherwise identical to the HPA4 in its performance capabilities.

The LA4 and HPA4 line amplifiers are an excellent choice for controlling the levels to power amplifiers or active studio monitors in the most critical listening environments. No other analogue-to-analogue line amplifiers offer higher performance!

Benchmark DAC3 B - Digital to Analog Audio Converter

The Benchmark DAC3 B is the ideal digital to analogue converter to use in front of Benchmark's remarkable new HPA4 headphone amplifier or LA4 line amplifier (see above). It delivers the full performance of the flagship DAC3 HGC, but eliminates the volume control, the analogue inputs, the mute and polarity controls, and the headphone amplifier. It is also ideal for many professional studio applications.

To make system integration easy, the DAC3 B retains IR remote control (handset optional), 12 V trigger, as well as the programmable auto-on feature. The DAC3 B adds a control-lock feature that turns off the remote control capability and locks the keypad to prevent tampering and accidental changes. Your family and friends won’t be able to alter your settings! The optional 1/2-width rack-mount faceplate allows the mounting of two units in a single 1-RU rack space.

The DAC3 B sounds exactly like the DAC3 HGC because it uses the exact same circuit board and the exact same audio path. Benchmark has simply eliminated the features you may not need. Or want to pay for. This allows them to deliver a stripped downed version of the outstanding DAC3 HGC converter. And at a more affordable price too. If you want a basic D/A converter that delivers the finest conversion available, the DAC3 B is for you.

Come By for a Listen

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