Product News: 04/2019

Raymond Cooke and Robert Pearch founded KEF Electronics Ltd., with a view to creating innovative loudspeakers using the latest in materials technology. KEF Electronics was founded in Kent, England in 1961 and was physically situated on land adjacent to the River Medway in Tovil, England which at the time was owned by Kent Engineering & Foundry (a company owned by Robert Pearch) who at the time manufactured agricultural equipment and industrial sweeping machines. KEF derived its name from the firm.



Fast forward to 2019 and although KEF has seen many changes in the intervening 58 years its core goal of creating innovative loudspeakers using the latest material and technologies continues with great enthusiasm. This is clearly demonstrated currently by the compact KEF LS50 Wireless and super compact KEF LSX active, network capable wireless speaker systems.

I first encountered KEF speakers when I worked for London Audio located right here in London Ontario in the late eighties. I was there when the first of a new concept in speakers was introduced in 1988. The KEF Uni-Q (C-Series, 1988), a patented implementation of coincident midrange and tweeter drivers that strived to preserve phase integrity and match dispersion between the drivers resulting in improved stereo imagery. The latest KEF speakers including both the LS50 Wireless and LSX speaker systems utilize the 12th generation of this highly evolved technology.

Play anything. Hear everything. From streaming services such as TIDAL, Apple AirPlay 2, and Spotify to gaming, from TV to multi-room music, the KEF LS50 Wireless speaker systems are designed for all your home entertainment needs. Play what you like, how you like, where you like – and experience it all in glorious high-resolution stereo.

Compact, elegant and incredibly versatile, the KEF LS50 Wireless and LSX look great and fit comfortably into any setting. And with their intuitive apps, you’ll be up and running in next to no time.

Please have a look at the videos to the left for even more information on how the KEF LSX and LS50W wireless speakers are able to create their incredible sound.

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